B.S. in Hospitality & Tourism Management



B.S. in Hospitality & Tourism Management Major Requirement Sheet

Hospitality & Tourism Management Minor Requirement Sheet

To prepare students for positions of responsibility in hotels, resorts, food service operations, cruise ships, clubs, cultural and recreational attractions, convention and visitor bureaus, and tourism development agencies. “No matter where you go in life, you're going to need to know Hospitality and how to communicate.”

The program applies the general principles of the business, management, and advanced management cores to a specific industry. Close ties with the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) provide students in this program with a unique opportunity to study and analyze one of the most successful tourist destinations in the world. To earn a bachelors degree, students complete a departmental mini-core, then pursue a program track in either Hospitality Management or Tourism Management.

  • Do you want to make a career in a huge and growing industry with well-paying job opportunities in every corner of the world?
  • Do you enjoy working with people from many different places and cultures?
  • Would you enjoy meeting new people every day and seeing to their enjoyment and comfort?
  • Would you like to work in a pleasant, fast-paced environment that never becomes routine and boring?

There is a continuing and growing demand in the industry for persons with a broad range of academic and professional skills.

The program applies general business principles to a specific industry. HTM students are able to also choose a functional area of specialization:

  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources

Recent HTM graduates are working for these companies throughout the BYUH “target area”:
Universal Studios, Disney, Marriott Hotels, Doubletree Hotels, Polynesian Cultural Center, Hilton Hotels, Japan Travel Bureau (JTB), Four Seasons Hotels, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Continental Airlines, Sky Chefs, United Airlines, China Travel Services (CTS), Star Cruise Lines, Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Bureau, Fiji Office of Development, National Tourism Office of Vanuatu, Sheraton Hotels, Westin Hotels, MGM Grand Resorts, Pictures Plus, Splendid China, Hyatt Hotels, Shangri-La Hotels, Lotte Hotels and others.

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