Marketing Track



Marketing Track Major Requirement Sheet

Segmenting. Targeting. Branding. Messaging. Selling. Growing.

This is the stuff of marketing—where the process kicks off to deliver real customer value with innovation and impact. This is the discipline that drives growth of any endeavor, and effective marketers are smart and talented people committed to applying science and art to the business of knowing and satisfying consumer needs.

The BYU–Hawaii Marketing Track prepares graduates for success in the dynamic and competitive global marketplace.

From new product development and pricing strategy through fully integrated marketing communications and new media technologies, the  Marketing Track serves as an ideal training ground for exciting and well-paid careers like brand manager, marketing director, advertising executive, public relations consultant, marketing researcher, sales professional, business development manager or social media guru.

Take the Test

We're looking for a few good men and women. See if you make the grade:

  • Are you curious about why people buy what they do?
  • Would you rather watch the halftime TV ads than the game?
  • Do you dream of market-changing strategies?
  • Are you fascinated by all the latest communications gadgets?
  • Are you a great team player and a natural team leader?
  • Can you out-sell anyone in the room?

Then you just may have the right stuff to be a marketing professional.

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Then again, if you do have the right stuff, you’ve probably already decided to join up.

The Few. The Proud. The Marketers. Enlist Today!