BYUH Management Society


BYU–Hawaii Student Chapter 

Growing moral & ethical leadership around the world

BYU–Hawaii home to the newest Management Society student chapter. With nearly half of the student body coming from seventy nations, BYU–Hawaii is the most ethnically diverse campus per capita in the United States. This unique environment should allow the chapter to grow moral and ethical leaders internationally - all in one place.


Brief History

  • 25 years after its founding, the management society is an influential organization with about 7,000 members in 62 chapters in U.S. cities and 21 international chapters.

Our goals a chapter is to build a bridge between the education world that we’re currently in and the real world of jobs and careers that we are interested in. The students who have learned what the Management Society is about are really enthusiastic about having a student chapter here on campus. They’re eager to get involved and see the results of their membership. It's a training place to become a global people where the students are learning to be professional. 


BYU Management Society Brochure

Cultural Beliefs

  • Focus Efforts
  • Meet Purposefully
  • Grow People
  • Act Professionally
  • Think Globally
  •  Live the Vision
Leadership positions are open to all members to encourage everyone to get as much experience as possible. “The focus of the society is to grow ethical leaders - what better place to start than with students?”
Faculty Advisors
Dr. Helena Hannonen 
(808) 675-3595
HGB 229
Dr. Scott Springer
(808) 675-4750
HGB 228
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