B.S. in Business Management

Business Management

The Discipline

Business Management provides students with a broad understanding of the relationships between cultures, business firms, governments, and societies. The program prepares students to be contributing and successful members of the business community.

Career Opportunities

Business Management graduates are prepared for administrative careers in both domestic and international organizations. Students typically find jobs in the private and nonprofit sector. Specific job descriptions are many and varied: banker, consultant, financial analyst, credit analyst, real estate broker, financial planner, business systems consultant/analyst, sales representative, account executive, research specialist, marketing analyst, management trainee, buyer, merchandiser, production manager, technical sales person, inventory manager, logistics manager, materials supervisor and so on.

Program Outcomes

Upon completing a major in Business Management, students will:

1. Demonstrate a knowledge of fundamental areas of business
2. Have a knowledge of international business basics
3. Have a knowledge of intercultural understanding fundamentals
4. Be able to prepare entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial business plan
5. Be able to solve problems
6. Work effectively in teams
7. Communicate effectively
8. Demonstrate the ability to lead
9. Demonstrate commitment to service-mindedness
10. Demonstrate commitment to ethical behavior

Upon completing a major in Hospitality and Tourism Management, students will:

1. Apply general business principles to the unique characteristics and demands of the hospitality industry.
2. Lead others toward the successful accomplishment of a task or project.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the means of producing a high level of service quality in a        hospitality setting.
4. Solve business problems using qualitative and quantitative tools.
5. Demonstrate a high degree of professionalism in work habits and communication skills.
6. Compete successfully for jobs and promotion within the hospitality industry.
7. Adjust creatively to changes in the business environment.
8. Integrate a hospitality career into a well-rounded, moral, productive and satisfying life.

Business Management is the perfect program for people who want to get broad exposure to the business world and a solid foundation in business fundamentals. Individuals who specialize in this area generally have good multi-tasking skills and a knack for problem solving. 

If the following qualities describe you, a job in Business Management might be a good choice: 

Good at solving problems